Ebook: forever Home: Dog Training 101 & How To Be A Better Shelter Volunteer

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Mike Deathe
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Writing this book has been a challenge and a pleasure all at the same time. As I read and edit it (for what seems the 150th time), I realize it is way more than a book on how to be a great shelter volunteer. It is really a book about dogs, dog training and the ability to relate to your dog without malice, over the top control or even dominance. I am very proud of the ideas here, and really hope that all the people that read this book rush out to their local shelter, sign up as a volunteer and make a difference. I also realize this book has the potential to help people inside their own home with their own dogs, leading to a happier home for everyone involved. Even at the time of writing this last chapter, I have no idea what the title of the book will be. It was originally to be titled "So You Want to Be a Shelter Volunteer", but in looking at the final product I think it covers way more than that.

I can only hope that you, the reader, agree. I ask you to take this information, share it, find someone to help or maybe even decide to go out and join the group of us that are lucky enough to work with dogs and their owners for a living. (Dog Trainer is really not accurate, since we are first and foremost people trainers!) Every author thinks, or at least hopes, that everything they write will be thought of as a "masterpiece"! I hold no such hopes. I know there are as many different ways to train a dog as there are types of dogs in the world. Rather, I hope you found a nugget or two in this book that you cannot wait to try. Thank you for supporting Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) Dog Training and go out and make a difference with your own dog or others' dogs. In the end, it is all about saving more dogs and finding them their forever homes. I hope you find few ideas to try along the way. Mike Deathe CPDT-KA