Ebook: Help for Your Fearful Dog - A Step-By-Step Guide To Helping Your Dog Conquer His Fears

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Nicole Wilde
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Phantom Publishing
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Winner of AABP 2006 Multi-Media Awards for Excellence - * Best Dog Behavior Book for Owners of 2006 * Best Dog Book (miscellaneous) of 2006

From popular author and trainer Nicole Wilde! This comprehensive guide to the treatment of canine anxiety, fears, and phobias is filled with information that is invaluable for trainers. Topics include causes and prevention, establishing a Firm Foundation program, body language, four essential skills to teach fearful dogs, desensitization and counterconditioning basics, behavior modification protocols to address 15 specific fears including those of people, other dogs, sounds, touch, nail-clipping, and being left alone, and quick tips and tricks. Chapters on nine complementary therapies (including pharmacological intervention), products, and their specific applications to fear issues. Chock full of photographs and illustrations and written in a down-to-earth, humorous style.