Ebook: Hunting Together: Harnessing Predatory Chasing in Family Dogs through Motivation-Based Training Second Edition

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Simone Mueller
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Simone Mueller
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Second Edition

Do you wish your dog would listen to you on walks, rather than running after squirrels? Tired of getting left in the dust if a cat shows up nearby? Concerned that your dog’s prey drive is coming between the two of you? Conventional training protocols stifle your dog’s natural predatory behaviours through punishing or constantly forcing them to return.
These restrictive protocols work against your dog’s nature and against what they want most: to go for a hunt! Predation is an inner need that makes your dog happy. Suppressing those natural urges is like putting an airtight lid on a boiling pot. Eventually, that pressure needs to escape, and without a proper outlet, it’s probably going to get messy. Wouldn’t you rather use your dog’s predation motivation to improve your training and even grow your relationship with your dog?

Predation Substitute Training (PST) is a motivation-based and need-oriented training program, designed to stop uncontrolled predatory chasing and to provide safe outlets for your dog’s natural drive. Instead of making discipline the nagging factor that spoils the fun, this training system will help you grow as a team and go hunting together!

In this training program, you’ll learn:
• What is predation?
• Why does your dog love to hunt?
• Why is predatory behaviour so hard to interrupt? To stop your dog’s predatory chasing and see real-life results, just follow the step-by-step instructions:
• Prevention: Structure your walks to set your dog up for success
• Predation Substitute Tools: Help your dog control their urge to chase in a healthy way when you meet wildlife
• Predation Substitute Games: Discover new ways to express predatory energy in a safe, controlled environment
• Safety net: Build a strong “emergency cue” to immediately interrupt predatory chasing. Is hunting your dog’s favourite hobby? Don’t spoil the fun - go hunting together!


  • Excellent! Definitely worth reading - there's nothing like it available for the guardian of a chasey dog.
  • Absolutely fantastic book. So we'll detailed and easy to read. The author has clearly put a lot of work into this. Highly recommended for Pros and Owners alike!
  • This book was full of great information and a must read for any dog owner who has a prey drive dog. I've loved playing the games with my dogs and have seen a vast improvement in their behaviour already!

Simone Mueller, MA is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviour consultant (ATN.AG) from Germany. She specialises in force-free anti-predation training and is the author of the Predation Substitute Training series “Hunting Together”, “Rocket Recall” and "Don't Eat That". Simone is proud to be an Associate Trainer at the Scotland-based Lothlorien Dog Training Club (AT-LDTC) and a member of both the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (PDTE).

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    Posted by Vanessa on 9th Mar 2024

    This is one of the best books, in my opinion. I have learnt so much, really appreciate that this book exists, takes the complete mystery out of why to use food and how to use it effectively especially if using food for training has been a bit hit and miss. Easy to read, easy to follow, can’t recommend this book more highly. It’s a game changer. Walking my dog has become an absolute dream. This is the book for you if you need to know why you are are doing something not just being told to do it. Knowledge is power, then you can use what you have learnt in all sorts of ways.