Ebook: It's A Dog Not A Toaster - Finding Your Fun In Competitive Obedience

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Diana Kerew-Shaw
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Learn to love competing in obedience
Most books on competitive obedience focus on the training and ring skills you need to be a winner with your dog in the ring and that's great. However if you find competing stressful or think you and your dog will not succeed against the best the key is defining success in a way that will make the sport enjoyable for you. Author Diana Kerew-Shaw takes on the subject of how to find your fun in It's a Dog Not a Toaster, showing you how you can learn to enjoy the sport, even if your Basset Hound never comes close to a qualifying score.

You will learn about:
How to set goals that are meaningful and will work for you and your dog.
What it's like to enter the Land of Obedience and become a member of the Cult which inhabits it. Hint: it's fun!
What every newcomer to the sport needs to know to get started including information about Fun Matches, Show n Go's, and obedience clubs.
How changes in the obedience world are making the sport accessible to more competitors including the development of Rally Obedience and the opportunities which now exist for mixed breeds.

What experts are saying about It's a Dog Not a Toaster
This book is a must read for everyone involved in dog obedience competition. Diana's humorous writing style offers newcomers all the information they need, and those of us already competing are gently reminded why we love this sport.
Connie Cleveland, Author of Dogs are Problem Solvers: Handlers Should Be

This book is a Must Read for all Novice A handlers and for anyone already training and showing dogs. Reading the book reminded me of all the mistakes I made as a Novice A trainer and handler, inspired me to work even harder at assisting Novice A handlers and once again reminded me of why we love the sport of obedience.
Petra Ford is a top obedience competitor. Her Labrador Retriever, Tyler, has the distinction of being the 2008 and 2009 National Obedience Champion

Destined to become a permanent addition to every library, this book has it all. Those already involved in Obedience and Rally will recognize and appreciate the balanced overview of our sports. Those new to companion events will find this book to be an invaluable resource and give friends and family insight into why we become so wrapped in obedience.
Deborah Neufeld, AKC and ASCA Obedience and Rally Judge

Diana provides an impressive insight into the world of competitive canine events. Her work reveals the impact dogs have on our lives and the influence trainers have on each other. Benevolent at times, forthright at others, this book exposes the vulnerabilities exhibitors face as they prepare to enter the ring and proceed through the advanced classes.
Robert T. Self, Editor Front & Finish

Diana Kerew-Shaw entered her first dog show in 1958, and has been a devoted follower of all things dog, ever since. She has shown and titled her dogs in Obedience and Rally, while raising a family and managing a busy career.

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What reviewers are saying...

What sets It's a Dog Not a Toaster: Finding Fun in Competitive Obedience apart from the thousands upon thousands of other competitive dog-training books? Blunt honesty. With chapters titled "We All Live in a Cult," "They're Not All Border Collies," and "Things We Never Proofed For," author Diana Kerew-Shaw leaves the training tips to the instructors and instead focuses on how to make the sport fun-or, at the very least, appealing to beginners. This book will not help your dog master the finish left or score a perfect 200. It does, however, answer many of the questions dog owners are afraid to ask before their first trial-for example, what's the difference between a fun match and a show 'n go? Can I say something if I notice the judge made a mistake? And how do I avoid looking like a "crazy dog lady" when I discuss my hobby with friends? Kerew-Shaw, who entered her first dog show in 1958, aims to make competitive obedience casual and accessible to the everyday dog owner-and she succeeds. She uses humor and anecdotes from her fellow exhibitors at the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club to ease the anxiety many novices feel before their first trial. It's a Dog Not a Toaster is the graduation gift for the dog owner who finished his first obedience class, or the experienced dog owner ready to dive into competitive dog sports . Lindsey Kamrath

The Midwest Book Review
Competitive Obedience sounds odd, but there can be much fun for both dog and master. "It's a Dog, Not a Toaster: Finding Your Fun in Competitive Obedience" is a guide to this unusual nature of competition, and how to embrace the fun even if you never have a chance. Guiding readers through everything they need to know about the 'sport' and how to have fun with your dog doing it, "It's a Dog, Not a Toaster" is a fine read for any pet lover looking for new fun to be had with their beloved pet . James A. Cox