Ebook: Keeping The Peace: A Guide to Solving Dog-Dog Aggression in the Home

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Nicole Wilde
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Phantom Publishing
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Keeping the Peace: A Guide to Solving Dog-Dog Aggression in the Home 

• Do your dogs guard food or treats from each other? 
• Does a certain furry someone get jealous over petting or affection? 
• Does excitement over visitors cause fights? 
• Does play arousal sometimes boil over into aggression? 

Whether your dogs are actually fighting or simply not getting along, constant tension and discord can create a stressful home environment that is unhealthy for your dogs and for you. As an experienced canine behavior specialist who has not only helped countless owners with this problem but who has also lived with it, I understand all too well. The good news is, help is here!

You will learn to assess and define problem areas, create a firm foundation for safety and behavior modification, teach solid training skills, and use proven techniques to solve specific issues. Whether you have two dogs or five, with patience and practice, you will be well on your way to restoring harmony between your dogs and peace to your home. 

Nicole Wilde is an award-winning author and canine behavior specialist who presents seminars around the world. She writes training and behavior articles for various newspapers and magazines, including an ongoing 'Ask the Expert' column for Modern Dog Magazine. She blogs for the Huffington Post as well as her own Wilde About Dogs blog.

Nicole co-stars in the DVD Train Your Dog: The Positive Gentle Method, co-hosted the 'Dog Talk' radio show, and was featured in the Paul Owens DVD The Dog Whisperer. She was a Volunteer Coordinator for the City of Los Angeles' Animal Services, and Executive Director for Villalobos Rescue Center, a sanctuary for rescued wolves/wolfdogs, pit bulls and exotic animals. She owns and operates Gentle Guidance Dog Training in southern California, and continues to teach seminars for professional dog trainers, rescue and shelter workers, owners, veterinary groups and others, and to educate the public on canine behavior issues. She also photographs dogs for various rescue groups to encourage adoptions.