Ebook: Positive Puppy Training: The Complete 6 Week Course

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Suzanne L Harris
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This practical workbook teaches you everything you need to know about positive puppy training methods and strategies, stressing early socialization as the essential component of your dog's long-term behavioral development.

In just six weeks, you'll learn and master all the tried and true "insider" techniques of an experienced dog trainer. Better yet, your puppy will learn quickly and benefit from the humane positive reinforcement methods which promote and enhance a long, enjoyable dog-owner relationship.

Positive Puppy Training includes a full six-week puppy kindergarten class, complete with step-by-step instruction on each obedience command, problem-solving for behavior issues, and targeted weekly worksheets to log your pup's progress.

This workbook comprehensively covers all of the following basic obedience commands and behavior problems:

• Sit
• Stay
• Down
• Heel
• Come (Recall)
• Off and Take it
• Play Biting and Bite Inhibition
• Chewing and Destruction
• Jumping
• Digging
• Stealing
• Separation Anxiety
• House Training

Suzanne Harris, CPDT, has been training puppies and adult dogs privately and in weekly group classes for over 10 years. She founded Dog Days, a cage-free dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training centers in Buffalo, New York in 1998, serving over 200 dogs per week. She also owned and operated Beagles Landing, a cage-free dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training center in Stockbridge, Georgia. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and is featured in Positive Puppy Kindergarten, a 2-hour instructional DVD which serves as a companion to Positive Reinforcement Puppy Training.