Ebook: Rescue Me: Tales Of Rescuing The Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends

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Val Silver
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Valerie Silver
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The winner of the Silver Medal Award in the 2014 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards Nonfiction-animals category.

Rescue Me will touch your soul with inspirational accounts of ten dog lovers who rescued the dogs who ultimately rescued them. Read (and listen to) true tales of extraordinary commitment, physical and emotional healing, faith in the midst of challenges, twists of fate, second chances, and the magical joy that comes from the bond of unconditional love and acceptance between humans and their dogs.

Your wonderful book restores my faith in humanity and tells of the deepest bonds we have with our extended family members, our children... Beautiful refreshing book. Victoria Ansaldo, Rescue Networker


Julia, a woman on a mission to rescue as many dogs as she can, and how she found herself in the process.
Biscuit, the injured, fear aggressive death row dog who was trained for a lifetime of service.
Senior Sammy saved from a slow and certain death by his human angel, Letha, and how he put the smile back on her face, too.
Yoda, the French bulldog who filled Faith's empty nest with his big personality and love.
Our cover girl, Lolli the beagle, who lost her jawbone, but still lived a joyful life with her rescuer, Karal. And more

The dog adoption stories in Rescue Me are written for the love of dogs in rescue and shelters, and for the devoted people who save them in little and big ways. It is written to raise funds to help them, to raise sensitivity to their plight and their need, and to celebrate all they have to offer when given a chance.

Donations from Rescue Me royalties help shelters and rescues meet expenses and fund projects designed to make life better for the animals in their care.

Val Silver lives in northern New York with her husband and Bichon/Shi Tzu mix, Teddy. She is a lifelong animal lover and advocate with a heart for animals and humans in need of compassion and healing. She wrote her first book, Rescue Me: Tales of Rescuing the Dogs Who Became Our Teachers, Healers, and Always Faithful Friends, as a fundraiser for homeless dogs, to raise awareness of their plight and needs, and to show what wonderful companions these dogs make when given a chance. Val is a reading teacher, healer, and holistic wellness educator. She believes that it takes education, positive action, and compassion to create better lives for all creatures-animal and human.