Ebook: See Spot Live Longer The Abc Way: Overcoming The Limitations Of Dry Dog Foods With Just Two Small Changes

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Steve Brown
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Steve Brown
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All processed foods with a long shelf-life have nutritional limitations. Every doctor and nutritionist would probably agree with that statement--if we were talking about foods for humans. But quite often we don't carry over that awareness to dog foods. And we need to: overcoming the inherent limitations in all dry dog foods will help our dogs thrive and be the best they can be.

Dry dog foods have two significant nutritional limitations, both of which are easy to correct:

they contain unbalanced and, at times, rancid fats, and
they require the addition of fresh foods for complete nutrition.

This fully-illustrated, easy-to-read, 40-page eBooklet shows how to overcome these limitations by feeding some fresh foods weekly and by using dry foods wisely. The booklet also reviews the many health benefits of overcoming the limitations of dry foods.

By the author of the Whole Dog Journal "highly recommended" Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet (Dogwise Publishing, 2010) and See Spot Live Longer, now in its 8th printing.

The information in this booklet is not meant to take the place of medical advice or expert veterinary care. Consult a veterinarian when there is a possibility that your dog is ill.

Steve Brown started working with dogs in the early 1980s trying to develop Charlee Bear Dogs: 40 pound, non-shedding dogs bred to give and receive love. Working with leading canine geneticists and behaviorists, he developed a long-term breeding plan for the dogs. In 1992, understanding that positive reinforcement training techniques were required to enhance teddy bear traits, he developed a pocket-perfect, low-calorie training treat, Charlee Bear Dog Treats, still one of the best selling dog treats in the nation. In the early 1990s, Brown realized that he was not finding the hybrid vigor that he expected in some of his dogs, and he started focusing on diet. In 1998, he developed Steve's Real Food for Pets, the first AAFCO-compliant, frozen, raw meat-based diet. After developing national distribution, Brown left the company to focus on research and education. In 2004, Brown co-authored a book on canine nutrition, See Spot Live Longer, now in its eighth printing, and published numerous articles on canine nutrition in leading natural health websites, pet related magazines and veterinary journals. In 2006, Brown wrote the highly recommended* Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet - Healthier Dog Food the ABC Way (Dogwise Publishing, 2010).