Ebook: Super Sniffer Handbook: A Guide To Scent Training for Medical Alert Dogs

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Debby Kay
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Coveran Publishing House

Millions of people are affected by medical conditions that need constant monitoring and attention. Man's best friend, has proven again how valuable a service he can perform in helping to monitor his owner's condition. Medical alert dog training is a new and fast-growing sphere of dog training, and the program laid out in this book will help amateur and professional alike to develop their dog into a Super Sniffer.

Designed to take a puppy or adult dog from early scent recognition to final proofing, the tools used in this program have proven to be highly successful with hundreds of scent detection dogs around the world.

The Super Sniffer Handbook is strongly focused on Diabetic Alert Dog Training but has applications for other medical detection dogs.

What experts are saying about Super Sniffer Handbook:
Debby's system for training DADs is a well thought-out system that is easy for humans to use and for dogs to understand that offers amazing results.
Linda Cree, RN, CPT, CGC Evaluator, BFF Dog Training

a very insightful book that has expanded the training and proofing of our diabetic alert dog; therefore, increasing the success of our dogs.
Tera Jurrens, Executive Director, Freedom Paws Assistance Dogs

Debby Kay has 40 years of experience as a canine professional and pioneered many firsts in canine scent work. She left her position as a research scientist for the Federal Government to become Training Director of International Detector Dogs Ltd., training the first toxic waste detection dog. She was an early pioneer in training dogs to help ecologists, geologists and field biologists find targeted specimens for their research. Debby trained some of the first classes of dogs and instructors for the ATF explosive dog program in Virginia.