Ebook: Teaching Fido To Learn To Earn

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Sophia Yin
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Cattledog Publishing
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Does your dog bark excessively? Jump up on you or other people? Act aggressively toward visitors, children, or other dogs? Seem to have separation anxiety? If so, one of the underlying issues is that he lacks impulse control. Don't despair--there is a solution!

Your dog can learn to control his impulsivity and look to you for guidance in distracting or difficult situations. It starts by training Fido to automatically say please by sitting for treats, then for petting, and then for everything else he wants.

In this booklet, Dr. Sophia A. Yin, veterinarian and animal-behavior expert, gives you an overview of her fun, reward-based Learn to Earn training program which will teach you how to provide leadership while training your dog to be patient and to look for you for guidance.