Ebook: Teaching People Teaching Dogs: Insights and Ideas for Instructors

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Dani Weinberg
Publication Year:
2020 (reprint)
Page Count:
Dogwise Publishing
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The dog-training instructor's first job: teaching people!

Our human students require much more attention and understanding than do their canines. If we don't inspire their interest and cooperation, they will not be successful in training their dogs. Dani Weinberg’s experience offers insights, information, and ideas that will help all levels of instructors both develop and maintain dog training enthusiasm and work more effectively with the human students. This two-part book looks at both the student and the instructor.

You will learn:
• Ways to communicate more effectively and how to reach “difficult” students
• How to guide students towards new belief about their dogs
• What type of instructor you are and how you can adapt your type to better assist your students
• How to receive feedback, set yourself up for success, and prevent burnout

What dog trainers say about Teaching People, Teaching Dogs:

This book is conversational and informative…Taking the reader on an interesting journey from non-dog person to dog addict! I believe it will be especially helpful for those contemplating taking the big leap into instructing.
Terry Ryan, Author of Coaching People to Train Their Dogs

When a book like this makes me examine at least one new idea or reconsider an old one, it’s a worthwhile addition to my training library.
Stephanie Colman

You will become a better trainer after reading Dani's book because you'll be more aware of your training style as well as thinking about your students learning style.
Tami M. Hawes

Reviewer: CDwyer
Dani has a wonderful way of communicating to the reader. This book is full of great ideas for the professional instructor as well as the training enthusiast. Dani, separates the book into 2 sections - student and instructor. The sections focus on techniques and ideas which guide the instructor to achieve an open and successful classroom atmosphere for all types of students, as well as how to keep yourself (the instructor) motivated and fresh to avoid burnout. I found many useful ideas to put to work for me in my classes. CD
Reviewer: Debby McMullen
This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who instructs anything dog! It should be required reading for the field. Wonderful insights and ideas are within it. This will always be within easy reach to re-inspire me.
A must read!
Reviewer: Ailigh Vanderbush
Teaching People, Teaching Dogs is a must read for anyone who works with people or pets. Dani includes great insights into the human mind - a clients as well as our own.
A powerful book
Reviewer: Lynn Hoover
This is a powerful book with unique insights into dog-human and dog-trainer/consultant relationships. It serves as a worthwhile and one-of-a-kind guide for professionals wanting to work more effectively with both ends of the leash. I highly recommend *Teaching People, Teaching Dogs* for its brilliance and originality.

~ Lynn Hoover, MSW, CDBC

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)
Journal Review Board, *Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory & Practice
Author, *The Family in Dog Behavior Consulting*
Inspiring and Educational
Reviewer: Jody Hergert-Andresen, B.A.
Dani's book inspired me to think not only about my clients but also about myself. Her writing style is clear,logical and flows nicely. This book provides a wealth of information as well as resources for further discovery. I would recommend it to anyone who works with people and dogs.
interesting and easy to read
Reviewer: ZKV
Very nicely written, from the trainer's perspective I really liked it (could not put it down in fact :) .
The only flaw is that I wish it would be much much longer!
So valuable
Reviewer: Stevie Mathre
This book was exactly what I needed! I love that it was written for the instructor rather than the dog owner. There are too few books (and other resources) written for us. Her discussion of different learning styles was invaluable to me. And I can't say what it meant to have her spell out exactly WHAT we're getting paid for. It's far to easy to forget self-care and appreciation when starting a new business... Her book is a tangible reminder that without valuing ourselves, we can't be valuable to others.
Highly recommend this book!
Reviewer: Deanna Brenner
This book really reached out to me. Not only in the realm of working with dogs and their people but on a personal level as well. With her years of experience, Dani serves almost as a mentor guiding you through thoughts, feelings and dilemmas that most or all of us have that work in the field.

I took away plenty of information that will help me to become a better teacher and will benefit both students!

Lots of great ideas in this book and its easy to relate to.