Ebook: The Agility Advantage - Health and Fitness for the Canine Athlete

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Christine Zink
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Clean Run Productions
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Christine Zink has a wealth of information in an easy to read format.

* Need to design a conditioning program for your canine athlete? * Trying to figure out a lameness location? * When to bring back an injured dog to competition? * Looking for guidance in the selection of your next agility partner?

Chris writes this with the busy agility aficionado in mind. Each short chapter stands alone and is intended to be one soundbite on one topic, designed for easy digestion. You can read about a single topic before bed, while you are waiting for the oil to be changed or in the vet's office before your appointment.

The Agility Advantage takes your canine agility partner through a lifetime with you. Subjects range from how dogs are built, to how dogs move, feeding and exercising so they move faster and more accurately, to sharing those later years when dogs don't move as fast as they used to.

Especially appreciated are Dr. Zink's recommended age-range-specific proprioceptive exercises and how to improve your dog's angulation through exercise.