Ebook: The Art Of Handling Show Dogs

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Frank Sabella and Shirlee Kalstone
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For the Novice and Experienced Exhibitor
Teaching the novice handler what is required of him or her and passing along some very professional advice to the more experienced exhibitor is exactly what The Art of Handling Show Dogs is all about. The book is unique. It takes the reader through both word and picture every step of the way toward competent dog handling. It is a book that will be referred to time and again and will undoubtedly become more and more meaningful and inspirational as the reader progresses toward proficiency. The Art of Handling Show Dogs is of value to everyone involved in the sport of purebred dogs in that it gives every reader a far deeper understanding of what transpires between man and dog while they train for the ring and while they are in actual competition. Showing a dog properly is indeed an art and this book prepares the reader to both perform and appreciate its execution.

Complete chapters on:
Selecting Your Show Dog
Amateur vs Professional
Crate and Car Training
Junior Showmanship
Patterns of Movement
Successful Owner-Handlers
The Dog Show From Entry to Best in Show

The Classic is illustrated with over 200 photographs and diagrams and includes updated information on How a Dog Becomes an AKC Champion in the Appendix.

From the Publisher
During 25 years of selling books at dog shows across the country, one of the most frequently requested titles at out booth was The Art of Showing Dogs by Frank Sabella and Shirlee Kalstone. When published in 1980 it sold out quickly and was never reprinted until now. It was Dogwise Publishing's good fortune that authors Frank Sabella and Shirlee Kalstone approached us about reprinting the book as part of our Dogwise Classic series. This series keeps in print older books about dogs that have historic importance to today's dog fancier. While many books on showing have been published over the years, Frank Sabella's expertise in the field along with his long experience as both a handler and a current show judge makes this book stand out among the other. Both new-comers and old-timers will enjoy the scores of photographs from the golden age of showing featuring well-known handlers and dogs illustrating techniques that build champions.