Ebook: The Connection Collection: Relationship Centered Training Articles

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Suzanne Clothier
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Flying Dog Press
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This collection features 20 of Suzanne Clothier's most thought-provoking, memorable articles that reflect her Relationship Centered Training philosophy, and provide some useful training tips.

Suzanne's unique perspective on dogs and our relationships with them has helped dog owners around the world to find new ways to understand and enjoy their canine companions.

What Is RCT Relationship Centered Training?
How Much Does Your Dog's Cooperation Weigh?
The Language of the Body
Dog is in the Details
Connection & Control
Permission, Not Permissive
Even though. . .
Hard to Train?
Guidelines for Teaching Self-Control
Understanding Thresholds: It's More than Under or Over
Rewards, Lures & Bribes
Using Consequences
Using Rewards Effectively
The Power of Social Interactions as Rewards
Aggression: Possible Causes
He Just Wants To Say "Hi!"
If Only That Hadn't Happened, This Dog Would Be Fine
Of Hostages & Relationships
I Had To....
The Habit of Excellence

The Connection Collection is for anyone interested in a humane, fair approach to training. This book is ideal for including in any adoption packet, new puppy basket, or new dog owner kit. Professionals will find it an excellent resource for their clients. All dog lovers will find food for thought and practical advice on every page.

Suzanne Clothier is a professional trainer and author of Bones Would Rain from the Sky, and many other publications. She teaches internationally on wide range of topics related to dogs, and animal-human relationships.