Ebook: The Dog Whisperer Presents Good Habits for Great Dogs - A Positive Approach To Solving Problems for Puppies and Dogs

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Paul Owens
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Adams Media Corp.
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The "original" Dog Whisperer, Paul Owens focuses on making training a natural process for both ends of the leash. His self-help book for dogs and their humans uses the innovative concept of training by automatic habit.

Encompassing the authors' nonviolent, positive training methods, you'll learn how to eliminate your puppy or dog's problem behaviors in less time than you ever thought possible.

Using the motivating power of play as a training tool, you and your canine companion with take an "at home" 7 day vacation together and learn to make training fun, rather than a chore. Learn the four steps for "habit power" and more secrets to get reliable behavior from your dog.