Ebook: The Nose Work Handler - Foundation to Finesse

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Fred Helfers
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Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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This comprehensive book takes you, the handler, from the basics through challenging advanced exercises. Color photographs and helpful diagrams, plus step-by-step instructions, walk you through the basics, coach you on improving your skills, and help you to work through errors and challenges.

Fred's years of professional experiences provide a wealth of insights and help you understand that professional scent problems are much the same as yours. 

What experts are saying about The Nose Work Handler
Fred has skillfully combined science with practical handling exercises to provide a foundation for the Nose Work dog handler. Learning to handle your dog is a skill acquired over time. This book will help you to become a skillful handler. 
Ron Gaunt, co-founder of K9 Nose Work

This book serves as a practical and informational guide for anyone involved in canine nose work. 
Susan M. Stejskal author of Death, Decomposition, and Detector Dogs

I always enjoy Fred’s perspective on the game of nose work and this book is no exception. I especially enjoy his personal stories, which are sure to make any reader smile. 
Dana Zinn, CPDT-KA, CNWI Zinn Dog Training, LLC 

This is a great book that I highly recommend. Fred Helfers clearly explains what the Nose work handler can do to improve their handling performance. Good on ya, Fred. 
Marion Brand, CNWI, Founder of Australian Canine Scent Work (ACSW). 

Fred Helfers is a retired police narcotics detective who began handling and training detection dogs in 1982. Fred established the Canine Detection Services kennels in 1984 and trained drug detection dogs for police agencies in the Pacific Northwest. He has trained hundreds of detection dog teams in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. Fred has also trained detection dogs for insects, natural gas, and accelerants.