Ebook: The Science and Technology of Dog Training, 2nd Edition

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James O'Heare
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Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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The Science and Technology of Dog Training is a manual for both students of dog training and established professionals, presenting basic through to advanced principles, strategies, and techniques in non-coercive dog training. No fads or proprietary "one-true-way" "systems." Dog Training introduces the natural science of behavior, its principles, and the technology of behavior engineering derived from it. It covers all of the foundational behaviors with instructions from preliminaries right through to maintenance and also advanced training procedures such as shaping and behavior chaining for complex behaviors. Dog Training presents an error less added reinforcement-emphasized approach. The second edition is completely reworked and includes a new chapter on training humans. Dog Training is treated like a self-study course in book, providing a list of detailed behavior objectives for each chapter as well as exercises trainers cab use to develop and expand their repertoire of effective training behaviors. 

Dr. O'Heare earned his Doctoral Certificate in Behaviorology from The International behaviorology Institute,has lectured internationally, published in peer-reviewed journals, and has written over 18 books on animal behavior, mostly geared to a professional audience. He has been working as a behaviorologist, helping clients train their companion animals ans resolve problematic animal behavior since the 1990's. His website is at www.jamesoheare.com.