Ebook: When Your Child Asks for a Dog: One-Eyed Leo' guides the conversation

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Ciaran Walsh
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When your Child asks for a Dog – 'One-Eyed Leo' guides the conversation.

This is the first book to objectively challenge a child’s resolve to have a dog, and facilitates that emotionally charged moment when every parent is expected to – for better or worse – make an immediate decision! An artistically illustrated love story told by an adorable 'One-Eyed' disabled rescue shelter dog called Leo. Anyone can love a pet dog, respecting the dog you bring into your family is a different world. This book teaches respect, responsibility, and dedication to a long term program which is in the best interests of both the family and the dog. With contributions from over 50 leading experts, this book truly examines a child’s intention to bring a dog into the home by offering a series of practical learning tasks.

The book also provides valuable guidance for adults covering topics such as how to react if your dog bits your child, or bites a stranger, how to protect your dog’s legal status if your legal status changes. Highly endorsed by leading dog trainers, veterinary professionals, and best selling dog book authors.

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    Indispensable guide!

    Posted by Michael Overlie on 16th Nov 2021

    What a joy to read this book. I have lived with dogs for the better part of my life and I learned so much from this book! As a seasoned animal companion I was humbled by Ciaran's thorough approach to bringing a dog into your home and life. I believe this book should be required reading for anyone looking to add a dog to their life!

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    When your child asks for a dog

    Posted by Blanka Petr on 8th Nov 2021

    I love the book. It is very informative and has beautiful illustrations.

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    When your child asks for a dog

    Posted by Tuhye Gillan on 5th Nov 2021

    As a schoolteacher, I say that everyone must read this book. If you have children and they are asking for a dog; this book carefully explains all the responsibilities. Everything is in this; compassion, dog training tuition, colour, beauty, fun, legal stuff, building a relationship, cash and the lack of it, a lot of work and hard questions, soul searching for children and parents, romance. And yes of course the inevitable pain of a heartbreak; I didn’t see the painful chapter on the loss of a friend and grief coming, but definitely an important part of dog ownership. Simply clever and certainly unusual, over the past week have been thinking ‘wow, a book that has obviously no respect for the rules of ‘how to write a book!’ And yet it reshapes our ideas of what rules should mean. No question, this should be compulsory reading if getting a dog. Children need to be responsible for a dog they ask for, sharing responsibilities is what we are trying to teach and this book will answer the question in your child's mind, on whether they actually want that fluffy pet or not. It's not all pretty pics and cuddles, it's proper scoopers and all the rest too! Highly recommended.

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    Great book

    Posted by Rosey on 5th Nov 2021

    Great work of art. Loved this book and I believe it is a life changing book. I encourage other parents to read this book. Additionally, my 3 children loved it too. Great book to have.