Enrichment Games for High-Energy Dogs: Your step-by-step guide to dog training fun!

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Barbara Buchmayer
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Positive Herding 101

How could a game transform your dog from the Energizer Bunny into your ideal, adoring companion? By going way beyond the everyday, plain vanilla dog game!

It's time to change your dog's life by playing together.

Introducing 11 unique games that have been carefully crafted to excite and delight your dog while meeting their needs for physical and mental exercise.

While many activities provide a dog with plenty of action, your dog needs more than miles, they need mental exercise as well. Your dog craves activities that engage them mentally and physically. They need enrichment games!

These innovative games give your dog the thrill of the chase while building their skills, self-control, and relationship with you. Carefully designed to provide a balanced blend of mind and body activity, these games can provide the mental and physical exercise your dog requires.

Check out these dog-lover-tested, pup-approved elements:

• Fun to play, both indoors and outside
• Simple to learn & easy to play
• Perfect for a wide range of skill levels; from pet dogs to sports dogs
• Totally customizable for you and your dog

This game-changing book can take your dog from fired up to calmed down - so you can enjoy your lives together!
Grab a copy before the price changes. - Your dog will thank you!