Ethics and Legal Issues in the Courtroom: for Search and Rescue Dog Handlers (Paperback)

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Terry Fleck, Ed.D and Christy Judah, M. Ed
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Ethics and Legal Issues in the Courtroom for Search and Rescue Dog Handlers

This book contains vital information for search and rescue canine handlers. It not only covers handler ethics, it covers common areas of attack in court, courtroom testimony, becoming a courtroom expert witness and common questions asked of witnesses in court.

In addition, this book also provides important information on K-9 record keeping, resumes, terminology, sample logs, and a review of Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines best practices.

This book contains a review of the Casey Anthony trial testimony by the K-9 handlers. It provides examples of twenty additional court cases reviewing the dog handler testimony and its relevance; acceptance and rejection of each.

Legal issues commonly addressed in court and the advice of experienced handlers who have been there make this a MUST read for any SAR or cadaver dog handler. Written by authors who have many years of experience in the court room and handling working dogs, this reference book will be one you return to many times in the future.

Terry Fleck, Ed.D, has been a Deputy Sheriff II / Canine Handler (now retired) in South Lake Tahoe, California (El Dorado County Sheriff). Dr. Fleck was in California law enforcement for 28 years. He was a police dog handler for twenty-one years and has trained and handled three police dogs, patrol dogs cross-trained for search and rescue, narcotic detection, evidence recovery, human remains detection & recovery, avalanche recovery and tracking / trailing. He is a sought after instructor and continues to advise law enforcement personnel in legal and ethical issues in regards to canine cases and recent law implications on K-9 handlers. Canine Legal Update and Opinions Web Site:

Christy Judah, M. Ed., is a Search & Rescue Technician I who has worked a SAR K-9 for the past twenty years. She has worked four SAR dogs certified in Human Remains Detection and Wilderness Air Scent, as well as, served as her team Chief and Lead Trainer for seventeen years. She continues to work her forth dog, Gibbs, with the Brunswick Search & Rescue team. She is the author of many books on search and rescue dog training, managing a team, and serving in SAR (available at with over 300 missions to her credit. She continues to work K-9 cases in eastern North Carolina.