Feet First: Using Your Feet To Set Lines and Cue Turns 2 Dvd Set

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Sandy Rogers
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3 hrs 52 mins
Clean Run Productions LLC
Footwork matters! Every step you take when you handle your dog in agility provides him with information on where to go next. But here's the question are your feet telling your dog where you want him to go? Handling with your Feet First is the simplest way to correctly and consistently cue turns and set lines to the next obstacle(s) on course.

The Feet First program works for all levels of handlers, no matter what type of handling method you are using, and you can make progress quickly and permanently. Learning how to make your feet do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, will enable you to get around the course more efficiently and free you to focus on your dog and the course that you're handling.

In this DVD you will watch Sandy work with a variety of handlers and their dogs on basic footwork drills designed to wake up your feet, air handling drills, and drills for perfecting the footwork cues Sandy uses to handle her own dogs. As you begin to understand the power of your feet, you can apply the drills to your own handling system to show your dog where to go, to show him where to go next, to cue extension (acceleration), and to cue collection (deceleration).

Handling with your Feet First will transform your ability to communicate with your dog in agility.

Sandy Rogers began her agility career in 1989, competing for the first time in 1991. She founded ACE Dog Sports in 1999. The school currently has seven instructors and two locations. Sandy has been published and featured in Clean Run magazine and has been seen competing in agility on the Animal Planet, PAX, and NBC channels. Her JRT Quill represented the United States in international competition in 2011, 2012, and 2013, winning gold, silver and bronze medals and she won the 2013 USDAA Grand Prix. Her Border Collie Brink was a three-time USDAA National Champion and won the Incredible Dog Challenge. Her Sheltie Sweep won the Max 200 Ultimate Dog Award (highest combined obedience and agility score) both regionally and nationally in 1999. Beyond the pride of her accomplishments with her dogs, Sandy is very proud of the success of her students; she knows that success comes in all shapes and sizes.

Format: DVD, 2 discs, NTSC format