Fixing The Unfixable: A New Look At Separation Anxiety DVD Set

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Melana DeMartini and Gina Phairas
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9 hours 26 minutes
Tawzer Dog LLC

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Think treating separation anxiety is a losing proposition? Think again! Advances in technology, new ways of thinking about client compliance, and a structured approach to packaging separation anxiety services have made what once seemed nearly impossible-successful resolution of even severe separation anxiety cases-quite doable. Gina Phairas of dogbiz and Malena DeMartini, a California-based San Francisco SPCA Academy grad specializing in separation anxiety cases under her belt, join forces for this powerful two-day seminar. You’ll learn how to tackle separation anxiety with confidence, help more dogs, and boost your income with this rare and lucrative training niche. This video was produced from a dogbiz seminar held in Milpitas in the summer of 2015, hosted by the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

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