Help Your Dog Fight Cancer - Empowerment for Dog Owners, Turn Despair Into Confidence, Become Your Best Friend's Best Advocate 3rd Edition

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Laurie Kaplan
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JanGen Press

(NEW 3RD EDITION) Half of our dogs will have cancer in their lifetimes, and yet as dog owners, most of us know little or nothing about caring for a dog with cancer. This is an essential resource for anyone who is living with and caring for a dog with cancer. Create a home-care program for your dog to supplement and support medical treatment; learn about current diagnostic, testing and treatment options; communicate clearly with your vet and make informed medical decisions; understand chemotherapy, its side effects and their remedies; learn what foods and supplements are effective in fighting cancer; make the most of cancer treatments and therapies from both traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. Includes a full color guide to a proven cancer survival diet.

Read about:

Canine cancer causes and prevention
The most common types of cancer in dogs, diagnostic tests and treatment options
The trend toward over-diagnostics and over-treatment
Communicating clearly with your veterinarian and making informed decisions
Decisions about testing and treatment are up to the owner, not the veterinarian...Your dog, your money, your decisions
Create a home-care regimen for your dog with diet and supplements
Follow a step-by-step guide for a proven home made cancer diet for your dog

Laurie Kaplan, MSC, is a medical animal writer, former editor of Catnip news magazine, co-founder of the Lead the Way volunteer program for SPCA of Westchester, member of the Dog Writer's Association of America. Co-author of Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond. Founder/administrator of the Magic Bullet Fund. Author of So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose: A Bridge to Healing Before & After the Loss of a Pet.