History and Management Of The Mastiff, 2nd Editon

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Elizabeth Baxter & Patricia Hoffman
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Dogwise Publishing
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A Noble Breed
The Mastiff. Massive. Stoic. Handsome. Heroic. Loving. The classic symbol for all of Dogdom.

The History and Management of the Mastiff, 2nd Edition, brings today's Mastiff fancier rich details about the establishment, building and survival of this noble breed. Learn about the challenges and tragedies that nearly made the breed extinct. Learn about the dedication and devotion of breeders of the past and how they worked together to insure its continuation. Learn about long-ago times, kennels and people in the United Kingdom and the United States who shaped the breed. See dozens of rare photographs and instructive pedigrees and meet modern Mastiff breeders and their dogs from around the world.

With a unique format that gives equal attention to the Mastiff in its country of origin, England and in its adopted country, the United States, authors Elizabeth J. Baxter and Patricia B. Hoffman together bring almost 80 years of experience to the subject, each having been actively involved with Mastiffs since the early 1960's. They were personally acquainted with many of the major breeders and fanciers now long since gone and can be said to have learned from the best. Because of their long association with the breed, they had unexcelled access to valuable historical documents and materials in conducting their research. Each is an expert on the Mastiff in their own country and together they have written this book to preserve the best information on the history of this magnificent breed.

Both Betty and Patricia have unsurpassed depth of knowledge and understanding of Mastiffs and this book will be of immense value to everyone with an interest in our beloved breed. The added chapters in this new, 2nd edition will be an invaluable source of reference. The History and Management of the Mastiff has been an ambitious project and will be treasured by Mastiff owners worldwide.
John A. Bromley, Chairman, Mastiff Association, U.K.

The parallel histories, the pedigrees, the representations of the breed and the unique viewpoints of Patricia and Betty made the first edition invaluable. Now, after 24 years in the Mastiff breed, it is exciting to know that Betty and Patricia have brought us up to date and are sharing their knowledge again. Sincere concern for the Mastiff breed comes through in the writing.
Charles C. Cuthbert, President, Mastiff Club of America

Elizabeth J. Baxter of England is the owner of the well-known Farnaby Kennels. Betty's interest in the breed started with her grandfather, Norman Higgs, a well-known 19th century breeder, a founder of the Old English Mastiff Club and author. Since 1963 she has bred and shown many champions and Mastiffs from her kennel have won honours worldwide. She judges dogs internationally and is a frequent contributor to canine and breed periodicals.

Patricia Bennett Hoffman of the United States acquired her first Mastiff in 1961. Although she bred on a very limited scale, her Carinthia kennel name shows up in many pedigrees. Mrs. Hoffman has written extensively on dogs and for many years reviewed books for the AKC Gazette. She is also the co-author of a book on Border Terriers and is a free-lance writer.

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