How To Train A Human Remains Detection Dog

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Christy Judah and Tracy Sargent
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How to Train a Human Remains Detection Dog is the most comprehensive digest of information to assist the search and rescue dog handler to train and conduct searches for human remains. It takes the handler from the initial decision-making process to becoming an HRD dog handler to advanced level training techniques involved in searching common as well as unusual cases. For nearly 50 years of combined experience, Judah and Sargent share their training techniques which have produced many finds, as well as hundreds of pictures of search and rescue dogs from across the United States. Each unit teaches the handler to read their dog and follow a step-by-step process to train a reliable and credible HRD dog. The curriculum is based on real-world experience and literally hundreds of searches. This text is designed as a teaching/training curriculum and is not intended to be light reading for the average reader. It is intended to provide an honest and open display of information and techniques which have served the authors well throughout their years of search and rescue service to others. This book is certainly a must-have for all SAR dog handlers

Christy Judah, M. Ed., SAR Tech 1, has written extensively about search and rescue and dog training. She is a handler/trainer who has volunteered in the search arena for over 20 years. She is retired educator and resides on the coast of North Carolina. She recently retired K9s Gypsy and Lauren and is currently training her forth SAR dog candidate...Gibs.