I Can Be A Dog Detective!

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Stephanie Zikmann
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Stephanie Zikmann
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Julie Bryden

Jack the Dog Detective is on a mission to uncover the secret language of dogs in this fun and interactive children's picture book series all about safe dog interaction!

Join him as he explores common dog and children scenarios, and help him to identify tell TAIL signs that a dog is feeling happy, sad, scared and more!

Does your child have what it takes to join the pack and earn their very own "I'm A Dog Detective!" badge?

It's time to find out!

This book is suitable for the whole family to enjoy, and parental guidance is advised for maximum engagement and learning!

Stephanie Zikmann is a multi-award-winning holistic dog groomer and canine behaviourist from Scotland, UK.

Having formed The Holistic Grooming Academy in 2020, Stephanie has went on to support and tutor over 100 pet professionals and owners looking to implement grooming in a less-stressful way.

An avid writer, Stephanie is the proud author of Number One Amazon Bestseller, 'The Magic of Holistic Grooming' and children's picture book, 'I Can Be A Dog Detective!' - all about keeping children and dogs safe within the family home.

Stephanie is a passionate educator and Animal Rights Activist on a mission to bring the Pet Care sector up-to-date with science, utilising her skills and expertise on a more holistic approach that incorporates canine behaviour, positive training methods and safe handling measures to build confidence in pets and their careers.