In Focus - Need for Speed Dvd

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Deborah Jones & Judy Keller
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57 Min.
Clean Run Productions
Sometimes a dog doesn't show as much enthusiasm about doing agility as we would like him to. The dog may lack confidence or he may be inhibited, worried, or nervous, which in turn leads to slow and tentative performances. Often this type of dog is very accurate, but too slow to make course time. He is trying so hard, but his stress and nervousness makes it impossible for him to let loose and enjoy himself. There is a lot that you can do to change your dog's reaction to agility so that you can both have fun doing this sport. This DVD contains a training program for the need-for-speed dog that is intended to be done after you have completed the work in the FOCUS Foundation DVD. If you consistently apply the FOCUS exercises and techniques, you will see an improvement in your dog's attitude and desire to work. But it won't happen overnight, it takes time and consistent effort.