Janice Gunn's Clicked Hold & Retrieve DVD

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Janice Gunn
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Running Time:
1 hr 36 mins
TNT Kennels

This DVD is composed of real time training sessions! You will see Janice’s puppy Pounce learning the very beginning steps of the clicked hold to the finished retrieve. You will also see her Labrador Remi learning his first sessions. Bonus clips include Janice’s students with a variety of breeds showing their progression. Janice provides a positive method to teaching the Dumbbell hold and retrieve. She demonstrates how to start the hold from the very beginning and then how to progress this into the retrieve. The DVD’s final chapter contains some games and proofing ideas to ensure your dog’s hold and retrieve is a solid and committed one. 

DVD Content: 
• Covers crucial prelude excercises prior 
• Three important behaviors every dog needs 
• Tips on how to keep your dog engaged 
• Fun, stress relieving tricks 
• Building your dog’s endurance for group stays 
• Free Shaping 
• Tugging and play techniques

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