Keys to Top Breeding Vol 2 (Shopworn)

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Pekka Hannula
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What is a shopworn or damaged title?

We often have books that have slight damage to either the cover or the interior of the books that don't allow us to sell them as brand new. If you don't need a brand new looking book, these are a great option. 


Keys to Top Breeding Volume 2 aims to give all breeders old and new some food for thought. Breeding dogs is a complicated matter and that is why every breeder needs a clear idea of what they are doing and what they want to achieve. Breeding involves a great responsibility to the new dog owner and the breeder plays a big role in determining the health and temperament of dogs and what their life is going to be like. 

In the first book 22 top breeders told their experiences and ideas as breeders, Keys to Top Breeding Volume 2 approaches the topic from a bit different angle - focused on key breeding factors such as heredity, health and longevity, temperament and behavior, to planning a mating, who gets a puppy and more. 

Volume 2 contains a wealth of information that will increase the knowledge and widen the perspective of not only the beginning breeder but also the highly experienced breeders. There are many ways to breed dogs but all breeders should strive towards the same goal - to breed healthy, well constructed dogs with good temperaments.