Keys to Top Breeding Vol 3

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Pekka Hannula & Kirstie Price
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Vol3 is the last part of the series Keys to Top Breeding. The books have been ordered to 64 countries, so they have helped hundreds of breeders all over.

Vol1, Vol2 and now Vol3 have all different angles to breeding. In Vol3 24 breeders tell about their experiences, but also how they have connected their busy lives with dogs with being family members. And how to get over the set-backs which are breeder’s life since we are dealing with life.

Here you have some pieces:

“A breeder must have the best foundation bitch possible. The one which can produce good offspring even if it’s mated with Donald Duck! A good foundation bitch should be as the breed standard states with her size on the upper limit rather than the lower limit. It should also be mentally stable. A nervous bitch has an effect on her puppies and this is not just linked to genes.”
Why does breeding sometimes feel difficult?

“It is always difficult. Some litters are easier but the stress and physical investment is the same with most litters. Each litter presents their own unique challenges. Breeders invest so much of themselves. We invest emotionally, physically and financially. It is always difficult. We breed with great intent and expectations are high. The highs are very high and the lows are extremely low. This is the challenge. The extremes of the emotions that goes with breeding.”

A good advice to a beginning breeder?

“Always buy the best possible brood bitch that you can afford, to base your kennel on. You will save yourself years of trying to upgrade your breeding stock. It costs the same amount of money to feed a good dog as bad dog. Research, ask questions, observe and listen.