Knowing Dogs 101: Dog Language

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Robin K. Bennett and Susan Briggs
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The Dog Gurus
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Knowing Dogs Staff Training will help you develop a consistent staff training model that will set you apart from other pet care business and save you hundreds on staff training costs. Knowing Dogs is an interactive staff training product based on content based from Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs’ best-selling book, Off Leash Dog Play. This training resource is designed for pet care center management to train all staff members on safe dog interactions and group play.

Knowing Dogs includes:

• DVD training content in 15-25 minute viewing modules narrated by the authors (8 in this program)
• New photos plus video clips in the DVD to make learning realistic to pet care centers

Five Staff Workbooks consisting of:

• Key DVD contact study aids and exercises staff complete during viewing to keep them involved in learning
• Module evaluation questions and case studies
• Hands-on activities and shift tips to apply skills learned to the job after each training session.
• Overall program pre and post question assessments to confirm learning
• Personal learning journal

Leader’s Guide that includes:

• Module evaluations and overall program pre and post assessment answer keys
• Input from author’s on key concepts when scoring staff’s photo interpretations, case studies and hands-on activity results
• Templates for hand-outs to customize procedure content to your specific pet center
• Management tips and tools for successful implementation of the training program
• Form templates for tracking staff performance during training and providing feedback
• Reward ideas for staff during the training process and implementation of skills to the job
• Completion Certificate template

Knowing Dogs provides you with:

• Consistent technical dog knowledge and handling skills training for Pet Care Provider new hires
• Timely self-study training for one new hire or a small group
• Valuable time saving delivery using self-study narrated DVDs
• Minimize staff injuries and accidents as providers learn safe handling and dog language basics
• Healthier and happier dog guests as staff recognize early warnings of dog discomfort
• Safer and more easily managed dog social play groups by trained leaders that understand play behaviors and use proactive management skills
• Confirmation of learning comprehension with program assessment and module evaluations
• Hands-on activités and shift tips that transfer skills learned to the job
• Standardized training for your staff

Knowing Dogs 101 (includes 1 leader guide, set of 8 DVD’s and CD, and 5 sets of staff workbooks)