Kyra's Canine Conditioning: Peak Performance - Injury Prevention - Coordination - Flexibility - Rehabilitation

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Kyra Sundance
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Kyra Sundance's widely popular Canine Conditioning workshops are now available in the palm of your hand, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and photos. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, inflatables, and ladders as your dog improves in five components of fitness: flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength. 

Physical fitness is just as important for dogs as it is for people. Keeping dogs fit and healthy can increase their lifespan and limit vet visits as they get older. It reduces the risk of sports-related injury, joint problems, and arthritis. Dogs who are conditioned and healthy tend to live happier and more playful lives. 

Exercise benefits a dog at every life stage. Puppies can improve their coordination, confidence, and mental focus while senior dogs can work on their strength and balance. 

Kyra Sundance is an award-winning and internationally best-selling author with over a million copies in print. Honed through decades of professional experience, Kyra's easy-to-follow instructions are the most effective and humane way to train, using positive methods which foster confident, happy dogs. 

As CEO of Do More With Your Dog!, the certifying body for Canine Conditioning Coaches, Kyra leads widely popular fitness workshops which train students to develop their dog's physical abilities. Now you can experience Kyra's Canine Conditioning workshop in the palm of your hand with this superbly illustrated, step-by-step guided manual. 

Kyra is a professional set trainer for movie dogs, and a professional stunt dog performer starring is shows for the king of Morocco, Disney's Hollywood stage shows, circuses, NBA halftime shows, on The Tonight Show, Ellen, and numerous TV shows and movies. Kyra is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports, a former gymnast, and an avid runner with over 20 trail marathons and ultramarathons under he belt. Jadie and Kimba are also avid trail runners. Jadie recently got a pacemaker and enjoys her canine conditioning exercises.