Lost In Translation? How Dogs Use Sight, Sound and Smell to Communicate DVD

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Patricia McConnell
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5 HRS 27 MIN
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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Become fluent in all things dog by joining Patricia in her newest seminar on the sensory life of dogs. Learn how they use scent, sound and vision to communicate with their best friends, whether human or canine. You can look forward to: 

- Understanding what it's like to "see" the world with your nose 

- Knowing how to "talk dog" so that they REALLY understand you 

- Becoming an expert at reading visual signals 

- Being knowledgeable about some of the field's most exciting research on canine behavior 

- Enjoying a happier dog! 

We may be best friends, but people and dogs don't always speak the same language. This revolutionary seminar DVD will remind you why people can't resist acting like chimpanzees around dogs (and provide ideas about what to do about it!), suggest ways to use the amazing noses of our dogs to everyone's advantage, teach you how to use your voice for best effect, and update you on interesting research ranging from the interpretation of dog barks to which training modalities are most effective. 

And that's just a sample of the information in this all new DVD that is chock full of fascinating facts about dogs, linked with practical applications to training and communicating with your dog.

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