Man and Dog: An Evolving Partnership Dvd

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Raymond Coppinger
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This Documentary is part of the series "The Nature of things" presented by David Suzuki and produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

"All breeds of dogs trace their ancestry back to a common wolf like creature that lived some twelve thousand years ago. But what was it that lead to the growth of an extraordinary array of different prodigy. It's a fascinating genetic puzzle. Some Experts suggest that the first and most decisive steps towards domestication were taken not by people but by the dogs themselves. We'll follow the research of the noted animal behaviorist Ray Coppinger, who has spent a lifetime studying the dogs conflicting drives towards domestication and the call of the wild."

Raymond Coppinger, PhD majored in Literature and Philosophy at Boston University. He joined the founding faculty at Hampshire College in 1969, where he was professor emeritus of Biology. He lectured around the world and organizes research on animal behavior, especially the behavior of canines.
Ray(and his colleagues and students) have published over 50 papers on his dog research.

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