Mexico City Dogs Of The Dump: A Look At Resource Interactions DVD

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Sue Sternberg
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22 mins
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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Train your eye in dog-to-dog interactions

How dogs behave around scarce resources such as food, water and shade often determines how successfully they can live in their environment and interact with people and other dogs.

Filmed by Sue Sternberg during a field study of dogs in the Mexico City dump, this DVD provides a rare opportunity to view these dump dogs and their interactions around resources. This footage, along with Sue's written narrative, offer a fascinating and sometimes surprising look at what resources these dogs consider highly valued, the subtleties of how they interact and signal each other and how expertly they avoid aggressive confrontations.

Sue Sternberg has devoted her personal and professional life to helping dogs and people live together happily. She is the author of numerous books and DVDs on dog adoption, canine body language and behavior, especially aggression. Her work educating shelter personnel on training, temperament testing and environmental enrichment has helped countless dogs find their forever homes.

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