Mindful Socialization: Because life is not a checklist DVD

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Suzanne Clothier
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2 hrs 30 mins
Flying Dog Press
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A puppy! or maybe a new dog! You are his tour guide for this great life adventure. As his guide, it is up to you to plan interesting experiences that teach him about life without overwhelming or alarming him. The only perfect socialization plan is the one that is just right for your dog. 

Mindful Socialization helps you learn to listen to your puppy or new dog, understand him as an individual, and tailor socialization experiences to build his confidence and trust at every step. 

Trainer & long-time breeder Suzanne Clothier has a lifetime of experience raising puppies, and helping others raise their pups. Her Enriched Puppy Protocol has been used by guide and service dog schools, as well as private breeders, to help them raise thousands of confident puppies. The same techniques can help any age dog learn about the world. 

Now, you can learn about her sensible, relationship centered approach to socialization is the perfect guide for you as you learn how to help your puppy or new dog. 

Practical information includes: 
• People, Animals, Places & Things 
• Just Right Activities & Experiences 
• Quality, Not Quantity 
• Building the Reference Library 
• Calming Contact 
• Short & Sweet 

While properly socializing a puppy or a new dog is a big responsibility, there is also great joy in rediscovering the world with your new dog and helping him grow into a well adjusted confident adult. 

Innovative trainer Suzanne Clothier (author of Bones Would Rain from the Sky) is well known for her Relationship Centered Training approach. An experienced breeder, she has raised 9 generations of her Hawks Hunt German Shepherds. MINDFUL SOCIALIZATION shares her deep experience with puppy raising, and provides practical, sensible and humane advice, while keeping the dog/human relationship central at all times.

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