My New Best Friend: Pet Preparation Program Cd

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Denise Holmes
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CollieDog Productions Inc.

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Introducing your old best friend to your newest family member isn't as hard as you think; there needn't be any worry of jealously. Dogs are pack animals and will naturally take to a new addition, even a human one, the same way in which they would a new dog. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure your dog's acceptance of the new arrival with curiosity and welcome. Just follow the few easy steps in this booklet and your new family should be just fine.

The training manual that comes with the CD outlines the step-by-step process you need to use to introduce your pet to baby.

1) Voice Introduction
2) Mommy & Me
3) Bottle time
4) Pacified
5) Happy Gurgles
6) Toys and Noise
7) Soap Suds
8) Cranky Baby 1
9) Cranky Baby 2
10) Cranky Baby 3
11) Baby Bedlam

Also includes fold-out instruction/information insert

Denise Holmes, located in Arkansas, is a pet behavior consultant with over 25 years animal training experience. She specializes in behavior modification using positive reinforcement, and works with a variety of animals. She has a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from the University of Arkansas and a minor in psychology. Denise has actively applied this knowledge to furthering the health and well being of both people and animals by developing visiting animal programs for health and human service facilities. As a consultant for Arkansas Children's Hospital, she helped bring about their very first animal-assisted therapy visits through creation of the TAILS (Therapeutic Animal Interventions Lift Spirits) program. Her work has been published by the Child Life Council in Bulletin, and she was a contributor to Delta Society's (now Pet Partners) first book educating visiting animal teams on interactions with hospitalized children.