Notes Pocket Pal - 2nd Edition

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Melissa Ver Plank
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White Dog Enterprises

Designed for the groomer on the go! Rugged and water resistant, this handy edition fits right in your smock or apron. A quick and condensed grooming guide for the most popular breeds as well as five new breeds including the Australian Terrier, Wire Haired Dachshund, Lagotto Romagnolo, Pumi, and Spinone Italiano.

Developed by a 20 year veteran stylist, this book makes it easy for you to comprehend basic skills needed to groom any breed dog. It was created based on years of tested field experience in a real life classroom setting. It shows artistic representation based on the ideal, written breed standard for every breed. Now with 51 new breeds, new illustrations, updated style trends and more.

• Grooming instructions and illustrations for over 200 breeds
• 51 new breeds have been added, including Hairless and Rustic coats
• A completely remastered tools and equipment section, including new information on shears, brushes, clippers, stripping tools and so much more!
• 2 new bathing and drying sections, including amazing instructions and illustrations
• New sections have been added that describe the historic function and design of each dog group

Melissa Verplank, has over 30 years of experience in the pet industry. Her mastery of grooming techniques has won her numerous awards on a national and international level. She has run multiple businesses, including a fleet of mobile units, a salon that grew into the Paragon School of Pet Grooming, a luxury boarding facility called Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa, and White Dog Enterprises – which created the award-winning books, Notes from the Grooming Table and Theory of 5. She was a member and Team Coordinator of GroomTeam USA and sits on the Board of Directors of that organization. Ms. Verplank is an industry speaker, author, contest grooming judge, and two-time Cardinal Crystal Achievement winner.