Obedience Trial Sounds Audio Cd

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Dean Lake
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70 Min.
Dean Lake

This CD was recorded using some of the best digital technology available. Playback on a good system is a plus but not mandatory. The more frequency response your dog can hear, the more believable it will be and the more effective the training will become. No effects or sweetening have been used. This is 70 minutes of one of the noisiest obedience trials in existence. Deliciously gruesomely loud with banging jump boards, barking, clanging, you name it. A dozen conformation rings off to the right, crating, grooming. Concrete walls everywhere ricocheting all sound into a big mess. Now with added applause tracks at the end. Good for conformation dogs.

Training sound-phobic dogs: Play at low volume only during meals to make a positive association with the sounds. Do this long term for best results. Play the CD loud enough to notice but not loud enough to threaten. Do not leave a phobic dog unattended with the CD playing. Discontinue if you see signs of stress such as barking, whining, pacing, sweating pads.

Training unsure, shy, or brand new obedience competitors: Play the CD at moderate volume in long sessions a few days before shows. Use treats or meals to make a good associations with the sounds. Use during training.

For competition training: Play the CD during training sessions to simulate ring conditions. This will help you work on those in-the-ring-only problems.