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Robin K. Bennett & Susan Briggs
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Distributed by Dogwise Publishing

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We often have books that have slight damage to either the cover or the interior of the books that don't allow us to sell them as brand new. If you don't need a brand new looking book, these are a great option. 

Finally a comprehensive guide for the pet professional working with off-leash playgroups. A great book for training staff on key aspects for safe dog management.

Although Off-Leash Dog Play was written as a resource for pet professionals, it contains valuable information for any dog owner. Whether you operate or work in a dog daycare, a pet boarding facility, a kennel, or a shelter, offer off-leash playgroups, or just visit the dog parks, the book will assist you in having safe, fun playtimes and doggy encounters. In addition to covering leadership, group control and body language, the book offers insight into the dogs' scent, vocal and visual communication.

You will discover how to:
- Understand canine body language and the ever-changing dynamics that occur between dogs playing together
- Safely manage off-leash playgroups with the least amount of force
- Train your staff to effectively manage off-leash playgroups
- Identify dog play styles to create fun, interactive dog playgroups
- See early-warning signs of arousal and play escalations
- Minimize potential dangers and fights between dogs
- Support the emotional needs of puppies and dogs lacking self-confidence
- Correlate breed history and stages of development to off-leash playgroup management issues
- How to introduce dogs and determine if they are suitable playmates
- Learn when to allow a dog to attend an off-leash play session and when it may be unsafe to do so

Robin Bennett, CPDT, is a professional dog trainer and dog daycare consultant. She is the author of All About Dog Daycare...A Blueprint for Success and co-owns one of the largest dog-training facilities in Virginia
Susan Briggs, CKO, is the co-owner of Urban Tails a dog daycare & pet service facility in Houston, TX. She served as ABKA Dog Daycare Section Chair and led efforts to create the first standards for daycare facilities.