Plenty In Life Is Free - DVD - An Alternative To Rank-Based Training Models

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Kathy Sdao
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Tawzer Dog LLC

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Plenty in Life is Free: An Alternative to Rank-based Training Models

Much modern dog training has evolved from older methods laden with physical coercion. Though the dog-training profession has made enormous strides in improving methodology over the past two decades, remnants of that dominance-based paradigm are still common. From the hackneyed advice that owners should be alpha in their pack, to the emphasis on leadership, to the ubiquity of Nothing in Life is Free (NILIF) protocols, the concept of hierarchy is integral to many trainers. Though this framework can sometimes lead to helpful training procedures, the explanations often go beyond a straight-forward scientific perspective by integrating superfluous concepts such as rank and deprivation. This presentation will offer an alternative framework which provides a more equitable approach to effective training.

DVD plus data CD (Printable PDF file of slide show with place for notes)

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