Positive Herding 201: Advanced dog training (Positive Herding Dog)

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Barbara Buchmayer with Sally Adam
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Positive Herding 101, LLC
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Is your herding dog ready to work livestock?

If so, the dream of you and your dog becoming a herding team is coming true and this book can be your guide! To use this book successfully, your dog needs basic herding skills in place that were taught using science-based positive dog training, such as taught in Positive Herding 101.

Let's look at the skills your dog needs to move forward with Positive Herding 201. First, your dog should be able to focus on stock while listening to you. Next, your dog needs these basic herding skills in place that were taught without livestock:

· Flanking or circling in both directions
· Stopping
· Walking in

The goal of Positive Herding 201 is to move you and your dog from working penned stock to loose stock. Eventually, your dog will be able to compete in herding trials and handle livestock on your acreage.

At this stage of training, your dog will be honing their skills on penned stock. It is finally time for the FUN stuff! This book provides clear explanations, step-by-step training plans, troubleshooting suggestions, video links, and tons of pictures to create savvy handlers and thriving dogs. It's almost like having your own herding dog trainer on retainer!

Barbara Buchmayer has over 30 years of herding experience and coached Sally Adam of South Africa from a complete herding newbie to a South African Sheepdog Association's reserve herding champion.

This revolutionary new way to train herding is sheep tested, dog approved.

Get both books in the Positive Herding Dog series and see just how brilliant your dog can be!

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