Proofing Jump Work with Motion DVD

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Susan Salo
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4 HR 6 MIN
Clean Run Productions LLC

This DVD specifically addresses the proofing of motion in your dog’s jump work. Many handlers aren’t sure of what to do next after completing the Puppy Jumping and Foundation Jumping work. The dogs can do these grids effortlessly, but in real-life sequencing or trial situations, there are too many bars down. These dogs have the jumping skills but can’t put them together with handler motion, which prevents the team from coming together and being in sync.

There are many nuances to motion. How we move communicates a great deal of information to the dog and has a direct impact on the dog’s motion. Do we move forward with power and speed when the course calls for it? Do we move smoothly and efficiently when making transitions? Lots of proofing is required for us to understand how our motion affects our dogs. 

Motion from us is pressure to the dog. Some dogs deal with this pressure more easily than others. For dogs that have difficulty with motion, we can isolate motion and handling just as we isolated specific skills in the foundation jumping work. We start all of the work without motion, then we add motion, and finally, we add handling. How quickly this work progresses depends on the individual dog. For some dogs, pressure must be added very gradually. Always keep in mind that your dog has to make many decisions in a fraction of a second; he not only needs to figure out where he’s going, but what’s required of him to get there. So take your time and enjoy the work.

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