Puppy Socialization: An Insider's Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness

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Caryl Wolff
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Would you like to have a dog that is comfortable in the "real World," with all the new experiences in his life, and trusts you as his leader? Please start *now* when your puppy's brain is like a sponge and he accepts new experiences easily. Puppy owners have previously been told to wait until puppy shots were completed before taking them outside – which is equivalent to keeping a child housebound until he is 12 years old! Puppy Socialization – An Insider’s Guide to Dog Behavioral Fitness guides you and your puppy through the socialization process safely and effectively. Endorsed by trainers, owners, and veterinarians, this book gives tips to breeders, owners, and rescue groups on how to socialize puppies safely and effectively. 

This book: 

• Dispels many untruths and myths about socialization 
• Bases its recommendations on scientific evidence 
• Offers hundreds of tips and suggestions for breeders, owners/guardians, rescue groups, and trainers on how to properly socialize puppies Don't wait another second -- order your copy today to     start your puppy down the road to be a behaviorally fit dog. 

What experts are saying about Puppy Socialization:
Puppy Socialization is a treasure trove of information. Puppies around the world are breathing a sigh of relief that it has been published. Caryl has mastered the art of deftly marrying comprehensive scientific principles with reader accessibility, no easy task. This book deserves a top shelf placement among the thousands of puppy and dog books ever written. 
Paul Owen, the Original Dog Whisperer 

Wow. "Comprehensive" doesn't even begin to do this book justice. Caryl has written a go-to socialization primer for anyone looking for it all in one place, be they dog pro, breeder, rescue org, or proud new puppy guardian. The whats and whys, facts and fictions, science and research, and the all-important how-to's are all right here. 
Veronica Boutelle, dog*tec Founder and President