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Dean Lake
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Dean Lake

A whelping box or young puppy sound conditioning / puppy habituation CD for working and show puppies who are exposed to a more rigorous life. If you are a breeder or owner of young show or working puppies, there finally are puppy sounds made just for you.

72 minutes long total with 25 tracks of sounds your puppy will hear in his/her future working and showing life. The CD focuses on the extra stress our professional dogs encounter with more travel. Includes sounds of: sheep, ducks and geese, dogs, kids, guns, fireworks, thunderstorms, along with many others.

If you just purchased a new puppy, this cd would also be very good for your pup as well. Four years in the making, this disc is collected, real life sound. Natural environmental sounds with no overdubbing or added, mixed tracks. The sounds occur as they do in daily life and are just that simple so your puppy hears as close to the real thing as possible. Puppy sounds for your steady working puppy or show puppy.

Airplane sounds, traffic sounds, train sounds, skateboard sounds, baby crying sounds, geese and ducks sounds, sheep sounds, thunderstorm sounds, fireworks sounds, and many more.

Digitally recorded, mastered, and reproduced for maximum believability and effectiveness.

"We know through recent studies that the brain of a puppy grows to approximately 50% the size of an adult dog's brain by the time a pup is 8 weeks of age. This time frame occurs while pups are with the breeder and prior to their "world experience"! Using sound desensitization during this period gives puppies the ability to get a head start on their life experiences before a fearful association can be made. I have used other CDs of this nature, but none of them are done with this degree of realism! With past CDs, puppies seem to know they are listening to a "tape" of a sound, but with this particular CD, the tracks are so realistic, you will be convinced you are sitting in a pasture with a herd of sheep! I highly recommend this CD to anyone looking to help maximize the potential of their litters, as well as anyone who might want to work with an older dog who needs desensitization work. Excellent tool!"--Debbie Leach Straws To Paws, LLC

Dean Lake holds a degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina and has been a concert sound engineer since 1982 and as a broadcast engineer for several network affiliate television stations. She is also an active participant in obedience, agility, rally and field events.