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Tom Lonsdale
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Raw food makes sense for people why not dogs?
Your dog like you can benefit from a natural diet. And what is a natural diet for dogs? Raw meaty bones! Most commercial pet foods are full of grains, empty carbohydrates and over-processed proteins and fats. As with humans, the diet of your dog is increasingly being recognized as the main culprit in disease including obesity, skin problems, cancer and autoimmune problems. Even a seemingly small problem like doggie breath is a red flag for more complex health issues such as gingivitis, heart disease and kidney disease. A natural diet based on raw meaty bones is the answer to prevent and even correct a number of these common canine health problems.
Dr. Tom Lonsdale graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London and practices in Sydney Australia. He was educated, like veterinarians world-wide, to believe that manufactured dog food is the best way to feed the family dog. He also believed that canine gum disease, bad breath and teeth cleaning under sedation were a normal part of any veterinary practice. Over time he came to realize that commercial pet food was the CAUSE of major health problems in our dogs and for the past 15 years he has been advocating a return to feeding dogs a diet of raw meat on the bone and selected table scraps. Find out just how simple it is to feed your dog what he really NEEDS and WANTS raw meat and raw bones. Experience a tremendous improvement in your dog's health, disposition and longevity by feeding her exactly what nature intends; what dogs in the wild eat raw meat and raw bones.

Make the diet switch from cooked to raw and you will
Lower the cost of dog ownership by improving health.
Boost natural immunity to disease.
Rebuild health in ailing canines.
Simplify your dog-feeding routine.
Make your dog Very, Very Happy!

Australian veterinarian Dr. Tom Lonsdale is traveling the world educating the public about how to improve the health of their dogs by feeding them a simple diet of raw meat and bones. He is on a mission to help people understand that the multi-billion dollar pet food industry has a financial interest in continuing to convince you that heavily processed kibble is superior to fresh, unprocessed food. In Raw Meaty Bones, Dr. Lonsdale also raises serious questions about the ecological impact of commercial pet food and the potential conflict of interest between the business of being a veterinarian and the good health of your pet.

What reviewers are saying...

It cleans their teeth, improves their breath but there are much more important reasons to give them to your dogs. A growing movement towards providing a natural diet for your canine friends has a champion for the cause in Tom Lonsdale. A veterinarian for more than 30 years, he was slow to convert to the philosophy of a natural diet for dogs. But some 15 years ago he paid attention to the red flags he saw in his veterinary practice concerning the incident rate of cancer, skin irritations, gum disease and more. His research led him to the conclusion that the commonly used highly processed dog food was the main culprit. A diet of raw food with selected vegetable was the answer and the results spoke for themselves when he witnessed the improvement in his canine patient's health after making the switch. His book is a clear endorsement of a raw diet and is aimed at pet wonders who are interested in wanting to learn more than the basic information on this dietary plan. He tell the history of how the raw diet evolved and in the process discusses the current canned and dried foods available. Lonsdale goes into detail on what is actually included in processed dog food. This is a technical book, which covers a great deal of material and refers to a variety of studies and their findings. Pet owners who are interested in learning the details behind this break form what has become the normal diet will find a great deal of information here. Lonsdale passionately believes that all dogs will benefit from a raw food diet and presents an impressive case for that belief. Terry Peters