Reaching The Animal Mind - Clicker Training and What It Teaches Us About All Animals

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Karen Pryor
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A Dog World Top 12 Training and Behavior Book - 2010!

2009 DWAA Maxwell Winner of the Best Training and Behavior Category

From the pioneer in the field of clicker training comes an illuminating and revealing look into the minds of all animals.

Karen Pryor has improved the lives of millions of animals. A celebrated pioneer in the field of no punishment animal training, she introduced an innovative training system in her groundbreaking bestseller "Don't Shoot the Dog!" Now, after thirty years of training creatures both tame and wild, Pryor presents the sum total of what she knows about teaching animals and what they in turn have taught her.

Pryor's all-positive clicker-training system is a safe, effective way to modify and shape behavior. Karen can teach anyone to train animals with a cheap, plastic, hand held clicker, rewarding wanted behaviors -- click! -- and ignoring the unwanted. No leash-jerking. No pushing. No smacking.

Animals quickly learn that one behavior gets them a reinforcing click and a bit of food, and undesirable behaviors get them, well, nothing at all. Given the choice, animals quickly focus on what works and abandon what doesn't.

"Reaching the Animal Mind" uses clear, accessible language that will allow anyone to master Pryor's training system. Pryor also entertains by introducing some of her more interesting pupils. Ponies are taught to surf, gloomy birds learn how to play, a rhinoceros routinely leans against a fence for a pedicure, and dogs learn everything with pointed ears and shining eyes that seem to say "You want what? I can do that; watch me!"

Throughout the book, Pryor provides Web addresses where the reader can access video of the actual training sessions that she describes.

Practical and engrossing, Pryor explains the science behind her system, how it works and why it works, its applications for teaching humans, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to clicker-train your cat to give you a high five or your dog to find your car keys. What could be better than that?

"Karen Pryor has been at the forefront of humane and science-based training for decades, and this book shows us why. With compelling stories and accessible science, Reaching the Animal Mind is an inspiration for everyone who loves animals and wants to train them with compassion and respect. Whether you're an experienced clicker trainer or someone who just wants their dog to stop barking without having to yell, you really, truly want this book!" - Dr. Patricia McConnell, author of The Other End of the Leash and Tales of Two Species