Relationship Building & Ring Entrance Skills: for Obedience & Rally Handlers - Streaming Video on Demand

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Janice Gunn
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1 Hr 45 Mins
TNT Kennels
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Relationship Building & Ring Entrance Skills for Obedience & Rally Handlers from on Vimeo.

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This video was filmed live at TNT Training Center in Abbotsford, BC – March 2013

Janice demonstrates how to build a strong relationship and why this is important for the competition dog. There are many pieces to building a successful relationship and she will share with you what has worked for her. Competition is a team sport between you and your dog; learn what it takes to put those pieces together for a happy and successful journey. You will see Janice put these pieces together with her own dogs, ranging from a 200-OTCH Golden to her youngest 1 year old Labrador Retriever. You will learn how to play tug properly, how to keep your dog on cue, tricks to keep your training fun, and lots more!

Ring Entrance techniques are also covered. Learn skills how to make entering the ring a positive experience. Janice demonstrates with her dog’s three different concepts. You can practice what works best for you and your dog and put together your own personalized ring entrance plan. Train your dog to be excited to enter the ring and not wanting to avoid it.

This online video training is perfect for the novice and intermediate handler. Whether you compete in competition obedience or rally, you need to have a strong, positive relationship with your dog, and you need to have an agenda and enter the competition ring with purpose.

Here are just a few topics covered in this online video training:

• Three important cues your dog needs to be successful
• Three important behaviors every dog needs
• Tips on how to keep your dog engaged
• Fun, stress relieving tricks
• Building your dog’s endurance for group stays
• Free Shaping
• Tugging and play techniques

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