Retriever Puppy Training: The Right Start for Hunting

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Clarice Rutherford & Cherylon Loveland
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Dogwise Publishing
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Retriever Puppy Training presents a program of basic training that will turn young retrievers into efficient and enthusiastic hunting companions. A step-by-step teaching schedule provides the continuity so important to fostering a puppy’s confidence. A favorite with people starting out with their first retriever or those who want to raise a hunting companion from puppyhood, the program is equally effective with young dogs starting beyond that age. 

Experienced handlers and those planning to trial or hunt test their dogs will also find it helpful.This dog training book covers puppy selection, puppy personality types, basic housedog manners, and a progressive retriever training program that includes water retrieves, blinds, and marks. When your pup has completed this program, he will be ready to hunt. You will have worked out of all the excuses that retrievers try to use, and you will have a well-mannered companion. Completely revised in 2010. 

• How to work with your retriever puppy’s unique personality 
• Correlate dog training to your pup’s mental and physical development 
• Train your dog with lessons that are thorough and effective 
• Teach obedience and house manners simultaneously with fieldwork 

Cherylon Loveland trains both hunting and field trial dogs at her Colorado training kennel, Hunt-Field, including dogs that were finalists at National Championship stakes, Derby dogs, dogs that have earned FC/AFC titles, Hunt Test qualifiers, and Master Hunters. 

Clarice Rutherford was a Labrador Retriever breeder and trainer for sixteen years. She is the author/coauthor of four books, including the popular best seller, How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With.

Note from Dogwise Publishing:

Please be aware that this older title may recommend some training techniques that are now considered outdated. At the time of publication the use of negative reinforcement and positive punishment were more widely used to teach certain types of behaviors, especially with dogs who display a high degree of resilience. We encourage owners to always use the least intrusive, minimally aversive methods possible.