Scent 4 Shelter Dogs

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Laurie Horn
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Sniffing Out Solutions
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Scent 4 Shelter Dogs is not just for shelters. Starting a scentwork program — whether at home or in a shelter — is a life-changing activity that will transform the dogs in your care.

Looking to build confidence in a fearful, timid or insecure dog? Wondering how to help a hyperactive dog slow down and focus? By engaging a dog’s most powerful sense, scentwork can do all this and more!

Scent 4 Shelter Dogs shows you how to easily set up a scentwork program while keeping limited resources and time constraints at the forefront.

In this guide, author and certified dog trainer Laurie Horn walks you through the simple steps to add scentwork to your daily routine to benefit dogs of any age, breed, or type.
Discover how to use a dog’s nose and you will change some lives! Imagine giving the dogs in your care a skill to take with them into their forever homes. You may even find a natural detection dog that goes on to be a working dog!